Shackled to a 9/5

When the fear of walking pneumonia

Means you may be walking out on a good paying job

Because you have to choose between health and working yourself to death.



Holiday loneliness

The holidays are always a hard time

The loneliness sets in harder than most days of year.

The realization how much I miss the idea of being in love.

Then the realization how stupid I am for ever thinking it would work.


The disappointment in my own state

The backward thinking

The closed minded stubbornness

I just want to see change.

It starts at the local level.

But we have such an embarrassment at the national level.

Prison Walls and Time Clocks

Tired of the puddle of tears

Left over from mental exhaustion

Backwards career

Cruel booming bull headed man

Sitting at his alter disguised as a desk

Dollar signs and PhDs

Who thinks I’m pathetic…

I chose to birth children instead of get my degree

I feel like nothing but a womb

That each word that falls from my mouth is shrouded in idiocy.

Brow beaten each time I search for answers.

I just want a raise.

I just want to support my family.

I just want to go home one day without rage crying at my windshield.

If it wasn’t for needing the bread on the table.

And food and the babies mouths.

I would do anything to ask why?

I need a boss that treats me less than human.

TRH Fragments36 2018

No raise..

Something I worked so hard to build and master at my job.

Is being placed into the hands of a person that has done nothing of any effort.

Well in his words.

I’m still waiting for the outcome.

I’m also fuming.