Prison Walls and Time Clocks

Tired of the puddle of tears

Left over from mental exhaustion

Backwards career

Cruel booming bull headed man

Sitting at his alter disguised as a desk

Dollar signs and PhDs

Who thinks I’m pathetic…

I chose to birth children instead of get my degree

I feel like nothing but a womb

That each word that falls from my mouth is shrouded in idiocy.

Brow beaten each time I search for answers.

I just want a raise.

I just want to support my family.

I just want to go home one day without rage crying at my windshield.

If it wasn’t for needing the bread on the table.

And food and the babies mouths.

I would do anything to ask why?

I need a boss that treats me less than human.

TRH Fragments36 2018


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