Blogging into nothingness

I’ve tried to find a place for my words

So many pages aging yellow

Gathering dust

Crumbling in the corner in my room

Forgotten in a file on a phone

Or left about strewn in pages

Notebooks covered in fragments of my life.

A dream to publish to tell my story

Even to one soul.

Rather than scattered remnants and memories.

Thouser copyright 4/4/19


Lonely numbers

Each inseparable friend

Has now uprooted

Causing me to feel a chasm

Uneasy in my loneliness

I never spoke up much anyway

I listen more than share

I create too much concern

When discussing my morbid loss

Sessions with me are one sided

I withhold inner truths

Thouser copyright 3/20/19


I never realized how tired I was

Until my eyes began to burn

And ache with sheer urge

To close squeeze lashes

Soften tears sclera bathed

Hushed memories hushed mind

Sleep at last.

THouser. 2/9/19


If my shell splinters or crackles

Spiderwebs into tiny minuscule pieces

Any further

My contents will emerge

Splatter melt tumble aloft

The rubble that’s left

Memories of me scattered onto the floor

Copyright 12/28/18 Thouser

He’s going to fire me soon

hands shake

Anxiety envelopes

Tears drop

Eyelashes wet

Nose drips

Tissues crumble

Bowed at desk

Booming voice

Boss screams


Hiding in the screens

Please stop crying

He will see

Why am I so weak?

I just asked a question

Please stop crying



I can’t breathe

I need this job


Copyright 12/18/2018