I think perhaps I’m so anxious that my personality is dull.

That I come across as crass or sharped edged.

I’m far too colorful, or my interest are not quite good enough.

Anxiety my old friend.

Why can’t I meet new friends?

Without the fear of looking like a giant head on a little body, or a giant body with a small brain.

You lurk in the shadows on my shoulder.

That I’m a little too misshapen, not quite the straight and narrow.. not quite the right shape to fit in.

I just want friends.

When my laughter tumbles out.. after a misguided joke..and there’s nothing but silence ..

I want comfort, and coffee and laughter. People to want to be around.

But I have this shadow of a doubt that no one really wants that from me.

I tend to lapse into solitude for fear of rejection..anxiety my old friend.

-TH Fragments36 10/01/18


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