Career Changes

I tend to grow comfortable in the mundane things in life so much so that I frustrate myself at times. Several months ago my job was on the line and my stress levels were at an all time high because change was coming. Everyone in my life stressing how much I should be welcoming this new reality and look to a brighter future because my job has suddenly become the cause of much of the stress in my life. I work for a highly demanding individual who is no stranger to screaming or belittling when things don’t go a certain way. I also have grown to love certain aspects of my job though. I feel accomplished, it changes daily,it’s something different ,it’s seldom boring. So when I was asked to stay after all I was relieved..much to the dismay of friends and family. The only concern now is how secure is my position really at this point and should I really get comfortable or continue my pursuit. I left my options open yesterday and willingly did an interview for a position out of my normal scope that is much more political. I’m going to give it a little shot and just see. I’m just really unsure about these choices at this time. In general I just want a good job to take care of my girls.


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