Cautionary Wonder

For several weeks now I have been taking the girls out to explore with me more. I’ve always taken them with me on my nature hikes. Lately I have been showing them more about creatures they have been less inclined to wonder. My youngest has had the most severe arachnophobia I fear brought on by fears of others including my own misunderstood. So I have made it a point to study our creatures of wonder. and fortunately we have had two amazing creatures set up close to home an orb weaver and a green lynx spider. I have explained everything I can to my youngest about both and she has grown from fear to cautionary wonder. She knows they bite but she knows they now are beautiful fascinating creatures just protecting their young and being loving mothers. Cautionary wonder and learning is an amazing tool she has went from fear to awe is no time at all. I’m so excited to see that I did that. I made that change.


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